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Létrehozta: premmathan | 2017.01.10. | 13:18

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#1618916 sasi55 | 2017.03.08. | 07:43
The second preference is EB-2. This level is for immigrants who have an advanced degree and a minimum of 5 years work experience in that field. The job must require the advanced degree for consideration of this type of entry.The third preference is the EB-3. This level is for skilled laborers. The immigrant must have at least 2 years of job training or experience. The job being sought must not be temporary or seasonal. Currently, there is a long line of applicants in this category.The fourth preference is EB-4. This level pertains to special classes of employment such as broadcasters, religious workers, and international organization employees. This type of immigration is usually filed by the employer.

The fifth preference is the EB-5. This level is for individuals willing to invest in new commercial enterprises. In order to qualify, the individual must commit to creating an enterprise that will create at least 10 new jobs in two years after entry. There is also a requirement to make a capital investment of at least 1 million dollars, in general, or one-half million dollars in high unemployment or rural areas.While there is much concern over the uncontrolled entry of immigrants into the United States, it is necessary to look at the nature of the laws that exist and see that the means of legal entry into this country is open.According to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) statistics, in 2010, there were 3,200 approved visas for EB-1 and 1,998 denied entries for EB-1. This represents an approval rate of 62% for this type of entry.
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#1608703 premmathan | 2017.01.10. | 13:18
I like to think that I myself studying different technologies can find clues to the future based on current observations along with those newest innovations and their potential uses. Also if you look at Arthur C Clark and all his ideas, it seems that much of those are now becoming reality all of which seem to be combinations of all past innovations and thoughts. Many of these predictions in the form of fictional work have come true. Geosynchronous Satellite communication (Iridium), cold fusion, modern Alchemy, etc., he once said: "To predict the future we need logic, but we also need faith and imagination, which can sometimes defy logic itself." Arthur C. Clarke. Nicola Tesla had nearly as much written predictions as Galileo, Einstein, Copernicus, Da Vinci, Newton, etc. And today we have some incredible people in our era watching, inventing, innovating, creating and inventing. Some of these living intellectuals have made some enormous predictions, which if and when they come true will be a wonderful accomplishment for mankind.

As a matter of fact predicting the future with a little knowledge and observation is relatively easy. Having studied the great explorers of the past and famous archeologists like Charles Leaky, it is interesting how much we have learned, but how little there is available in the way of clues. Charles Darwin had lots to say also and many times what we see today along with what we are somewhat sure of in the past, such as the existence of Dinosaurs from fossil records, etc. we have pieced together much of what was, we know what is to a large extent, except for the provided misdirection and secrets due to military, Ally and National Security. We know how people think and what kinds of things they desire in the way of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and the wants and desires of all human beings, through cultural, parental and societal nurturing and of course those items pre-imprinted in the DNA and organic life programming.

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